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#0204 --- $100,000 Refunds from U.S.



A reprintable virtual book that explains a fantastic money making system.

You have probably seen the full page ads in many money making magazines and tabloids that may have said, in part, ...


The money is just sitting there waiting. The government cannot take it out of the special fund or spend it on something else. You could share in the millions of dollars waiting in this fund. All you have to do to start getting your share of this cash surplus is send one letter to the address revealed in this book. That's right, this year you could start getting your share of the hundreds of millions of dollars from a special office in the federal government housing department.


The amazing thing is that this fund is growing by about $288,000,000 every year. Your claim to this huge pot of money is that you are living in America, but you don't have to be a U. S. citizen to collect from this refund program. The federal government has decreed the the money must be dispersed, but only if it is claimed. Our system makes it so easy. Write one letter, we even show you samples, and you could start making thousands of dollars each and every month.

We absolutely guarantee that you can't find an easier method of raking in money! We show you step-by-step how you can get huge refund checks from your uncle (Sam). All you have to do is send off that one letter to get the ball rolling.


An actual fund worth hundreds of millions of dollars is waiting for eligible people to claim their money. It is up to you to learn how to capitalize on our secret information about this government refund program.


Very little is known about a hidden loophole in government policy. Only recently has the federal government come out with a ruling that this money has to be returned to American residents and they set up a special office from which to administer all refunds. Would you like to help this office and get your portion of the money in the mean time? We will show you how!


Not only may you be eligible for the government refund, but if you find you are not, we will show you how to get a whopping 30% finders fee for finding and delivering this money to others that definitely are eligible. We show you how to determine which people are eligible, perhaps several on your own block. Thirty percent of this huge money pie is $100,000,000 -- that's one hundred million dollars -- waiting for you in finder's fees alone.


Hundreds of millions of dollars is just waiting for you, with an estimated $288,000,000 added to this pot every year. You are just one letter away from vast riches beyond your greatest fantasy. Really, that's all it takes. One letter to the office we will direct you to. You are even given a sample letter so you will know what to say. That gets the ball rolling and the government does most of the work.


We were as curious about this money making system as the next guy, so we ordered it. Don't forget, a purchase like this is tax deductable if your business is selling information to others as ours is (and yours, will be, once you start selling this virtual book). (See our tax-tips, #6001)

So anyway, we purchased the book and tried out the system. Low and behold it worked great. We found refunds for people totaling thousands of dollars (None for ourselves unfortunately) and collected finder's fees for quite a few of them. If we worked this system with any regularity, we would make the huge profits described in the advertisements. A hard decision had to be made. Should we devote time to perfecting this system or continue doing what we love -- finding and selling money making packages to others. We spend most of our time on our own mail order business and didn't want to tie up our time working another system.

So, we put all the information, sample letters, etc into a virtual book which we can now offer to others. This is the way we decided to profit from this valuable information.

Now you can use this unique virtual book to make money in two ways. Use the floppy disk and your PC to earn 5000% to 14,000% profits by reselling the virtural book itself. Turn a 21 cent (5.25") floppy disk into a product worth $29.95, this amounts to over 14,000% profit and you earn your investment back on your first sale. A 3.5" floppy disk costing 51 cents or less will represent a profit of over 5,000% at the same retail price.

Not only can you resell the information, you can make money by using the money making system described in the book. Matco Electronic Publications has tried out the system and can guarantee that it works. We made money!

Not only does this Business-on-a-Disk package contain the above virtual book which can be resold, we include the shareware program (try-before-you-buy type software) which was used to create the virtual book. We use Dart - A virtual book creating software package and will include a copy with the virtual book.

Once you register this shareware (as Matco Electronic Publications has done) you will be able to distribute your own virtual books.

Remember, we do not own this software. We are a copying and distribution service only. If you continue to find the software useful after a reasonable evaluation period, you are expected to register (pay for) the software, directly to the respective author.

Disk Book and shareware programs on 5.25" IBM disks. #0204VB5 . . .  $24.95    

Disk Book and shareware programs on 3.5" IBM disks. #0204VB3 . . . .  $24.95   

Laser Printed Master with reprint rights #0204MASTER . . . .  . . . . . . . . .$19.95

Personal copy of printed manual without reprint rights #0204PERS . .  . . . $ 9.95 



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