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#0206 - Cellular Phone Hacking



This virtual book not only contains valuable information that anyone interested in expanding the use of their cellular phone can put to use, it also gives the mail order dealer another piece of valuable information they can offer their own customers. Comes on floppy disk (either 5.25" or 3.5") and copy and reprint rights are included.

Cellular Telephones promise to be the hackers heaven of the 90's. Before now, the only way to learn about cellular phone modifications, etc. was from over-priced secret manuals sold through electronic magazines. Our virtual book contains the information most of these manuals were based on.

Some of the various subjects covered in this giant virtual book include ESN Decoding and Modification, Reverse Channels, Control Channels, Frequency Listings, SIDH Listings, Keypad Reprogramming Sequences for over 30 different phones, The Roaming Scam, as well as many excellent resource listings.


Not only can you personally use the information contained in this virtual book, you can also profit from recopying the information and selling it to others. Don't forget, a purchase like this is tax deductable, anyway, if your business is selling information to others as ours is (and as yours will be once you start selling this virtual book). (See our tax-tips, #6001)

Now you can use this unique virtual book to make money in two ways. Use the floppy disk and your PC to earn 5000% to 14,000% profits by reselling the virtural book itself. Turn a 21 cent (5.25") floppy disk into a product worth up to $29.95, this amounts to over 14,000% profit and you earn your investment back on your first sale. A 3.5" floppy disk costing 51 cents or less will represent a profit of over 5,000% at the same retail price.


1. Use the information yourself. This will save or make you money from the start.

2. Resell the information. Copy and resell the disks or print out the book and sell as hard copy, the option is yours.

3. Take the purchase as a tax deductable business expense next year, in effect making your purchase price zero.

Not only do you receive the above virtual book, you receive, at no extra charge, a Cellular Utility Program that helps you decipher cellular frequencies. Also included is an Electronic Database that contains Manufacturers' ESN's and phone reprogramming information.

In addition, we include the shareware program (try-before-you-buy type software) which was used to create the virtual book.. We use Dart - A virtual book creating software package, and we will include a copy with the virtual book.

Once you register this shareware (as Matco Electronic Publications has done) you will be able to distribute your own virtual books.

Remember, we do not own this software. We are a copying and distribution service only. If you continue to find the software useful after a reasonable evaluation period, you are expected to register (pay for) the software, directly to the respective authors.

Disk Book and Shareware Program on 5.25" IBM disks, #0206VB5 . . . $24.95

Disk Book and Shareware Program on 3.5" IBM disks, #0206VB3 . . . . $24.95

Laser Printed Master Copy with Reprint Rights, #0206MASTER  . . . . $39.95

Personal Copy of Manual, without Reprint Rights, #0206PERS . . . . . . .  $19.95


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