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#1001 - 42 Ready to Print & Sell Reports
on Disk


Business on a Disk

This is another of our "Business on a Disk" packages, containing a total of 42 highly sought after informational reports, in ASCII format, all on one floppy disk. This package puts you instantly in the report publishing business. With the purchase of this package you receive a license to advertise, sell, edit, copy, reproduce, print-out, or in any other way use these reports--in short, you own them as if you wrote them yourself.

This is yet another opportunity to get into the profitable report publishing business without all the hassle and expense normally associated with going into business. Read the report titles that are included -- you can see that these are some of the most sought after informational reports others are offering in all the mail order tabloids and magazines.

101 ways to increase mail order profits 15 things you should know when ordering anything through the mail 20 major causes why your mail order business could fail 37 instant money making part-time businesses How to acquire, create and market self publishing articles 33 ways for an artist to make money Secrets of successful authors Super sales boosters you can start for next to nothing Brainstorming your way to riches How you can bronze baby shoes How to command, influence and control people 115 ways to earn money with your computer How to copyright any publication without cost Copy success Create your own mail order products The secret of getting credit and credit cards How to stop your creditors cold How to develop money making ideas How to manufacture and sell embosing kits Making the most money at flea markets How to profit in flea marketing How to start a picture framing business How to get free subscriptions to magazines Making your fortune from free government publications 49 ways for a handy person to make money 66 ways to make money from handicrafts Sell hobby items by mail How to make cheap artificial ice without machinery What is multi-level and how should it be worked? How to make money clipping newspaper articles How to write a newsletter 99 ways for a photographer to make money How you can silver-plate or nickel-plate without electricity How to price your book How to publish a contest bulletin Simple ways of raising thousands of dollars in hours Selling recipes by mail How to sell your ideas for huge royalties Riches through creative thinking How to transfer photos to other objects Woodworking profits 71 ways for a writer to make money

You already own the computer (or you wouldn't be reading this). With the addition of a printer (if you don't already own one) you will have 100% of the equipment needed to run this business.

Just perform two easy steps in order to make large profits

1. Insert your own display or classified ads in any of the nationally distributed mail order magazines, tabloids, or adsheets. (See Matco #6000 - Mailorder Publication Database)

2. As orders for your reports come in, simply load the file into a wordprocessor   and print out the needed report on your printer. You can produce a copy of any of these reports for 1c or less per page. In less than two minutes, you have produced a product that sells for $.50 to $2.00 or more. Thats about 5,000 to 20,000% profit.

There is no inventory of reports to stock up on, no running down to the print shop for copies. The single 720K floppy disk contains all the inventory you will ever need for this high profit business.

In addition to the floppy disk containing all 42 ASCII report files, you receive the entire 42 report collection placed in a "virtual" or electronic book. View and read any chapter with the touch of a key, print out any file directly from the book, jump back and forth between chapters, etc. A virtural book of this nature normally sells alone for $10 or more and usually does not come with reprint rights.

Not only does this Business-on-a-Disk package contain the above virtual book which can be resold, we include the shareware program (try-before-you-buy type software) which was used to create the virtual book. We use DART,  a virtual book creating software package , and will include a copy with the virtual book.

Once you register your copy of the virtual book program, (as Matco Publishing has done) you will also be able to make copies of the virtual book disk and sell them, as your own, as a stand alone "Report Business Source Book".

Reports, disk book and shareware on 5.25" disks, #1001D5 . . . $19.95

Reports, disk book and shareware on 3.5" disks, #1001D3 . . . . $19.95

ALL 42 reports as a laser printed SET, #1001LASERSET   . . . . $24.95


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