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#5000 - Law Enforcement Career Package



Written especially for the person interested in becoming a law enforcement officer. Over 20 topics help you to become the BEST police academy applicant you can be.

With almost a half-million peace officers in the U.S. and an annual turnover approaching 10 percent, you would think it's a simple matter to just walk in and sign up. But that's just not the case. Hundreds show up to take the test for ten or twenty openings! Thousands at the really big agencies. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement, you're going to have to face the truth

Competition for law enforcement jobs today is tough! Only the BEST PREPARED police applicants will be hired in the 90's! The written exam is only ONE hurdle in the selection process. To gain a competitive edge you'll need to understand and prepare for the background investigation, oral interviews, assessment center, physical agility test and more! If you know what's expected of you, you'll be able to deliver! Remember most applicants pass the written exam, but most applicants are not hired as police officers!

THE COMPLETE LAW ENFORCEMENT REFERENCE MANUAL AND CAREER GUIDE is the complete, one-stop source of information for those seeking a career as a peace officer or civilian employee with a U.S. law enforcement agency.

This is NOT simply a written test guide! As stated above, most applicants are successful on the written test; however, most applicants are NOT hired as police officers! In fact, many agencies appear to use the written exam only as a tool to weed out the "walking dead" before the REAL selection process begins!

This guide will help you be the "complete" police applicant! With it you'll learn the inside story on the entire selection process used at most agencies. Passing the written exam will only earn you the right to advance to

1. THE BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION - They'll talk to people you forgot you knew. And some you never knew!

2. THE PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST - Why is it important to learn to walk on a "beam" or push a car? That's right; at least one agency will want you to push a car for 50 feet! (let's hope that idea doesn't catch on!)

3. THE PHYSICAL EXAM - Thinking about Radial Keratotomy surgery to improve your vision? Don't run out and have it done just yet!

4. THE POLYGRAPH TEST - Just what can they ask you, and what can they do with your answers?

5. THE ORAL INTERVIEW - These can range from "informal" at some small agencies to a grand affair in front of a large panel. You definately don't want to be at half-speed here!

6. THE ASSESSMENT CENTER - A "hands-on" performance test that will make or break you. if your target agency uses it; (more and more do) be ready!

Speaking of target agencies; if you're planning to work for your home- town police or sheriff's department, or your state agencies, you may already know, or be able to find out, all you need to know about that agency without too much trouble. But if you're undecided, or need a change of scenery, how do you find out what law enforcement agency is right for you, and is best matched to your qualifications? Well, there are basically three alternatives

1. You could lick stamps and envelopes all day and mail out inquiries, or

2. You could run up your phone bill trying to find out the same information, or

3. You can use THE COMPLETE LAW ENFORCEMENT REFERENCE MANUAL AND CAREER GUIDE to learn of several easier, much cheaper, ways.

THE COMPLETE LAW ENFORCEMENT REFERENCE MANUAL AND CAREER GUIDE contains the entry qualifications, salaries, benefits, selection process used, and other important information for more than 150 federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies around the country. You'll also find sources that will give you information on thousands of agencies free!.

While your searching through agency requirements, no matter what publication you get them from, remember this finding out an agencie's requirements is important, but it's not THE most important step in your quest for a law enforcement career. GETTING THE JOB is the most important step!

To help you achieve that all-important step, THE COMPLETE LAW ENFORCEMENT REFERENCE MANUAL AND CAREER GUIDE takes you yet another step beyond other career guides. One of the best ways to ease the tension of your job search is not only learning about the application and testing process, but to learn and become familiar with what really goes on out there on the street. What do police officers do at family disturbances and other calls? What types of calls do they like, and which ones do they hate? What does that 10-code really mean? With this guide you'll go behind the scenes on calls such as traffic accidents, family disturbances, burglar alarms, homicides, and more! You'll learn what happens at some of the common types of calls and what to expect if your the center of attention! What do police officer's think about tickets, and can you avoid getting one? Why do police officers really hang out at donut shops? What do they do when they're not on a call? Do they have fun on duty? Sure, and you'll find out about some of their favorite antics!

*** This package also includes a special supplement with information on the entry requirements, salaries, benefits etc. for over 50 Texas agencies.

You need this package if

1. You plan to apply for a position as a peace officer.

2. You want to be an informed step ahead of other applicants.

3. You want to learn what is necessary to prepare yourself before you make application.

4. You want to be the COMPLETE police applicant.


Not only can you personally use the information contained in this virtual book, you can also profit from recopying the information and selling it to others. Don't forget, a purchase like this is tax deductible, anyway, if your business is selling information to others as ours is (and as yours will be once you start selling this virtual book). (See our tax-tips, #6001)

Now you can use this unique virtual book to make money in two ways. Use the floppy disk and your PC to earn 5000% to 14,000% profits by reselling the virtural book itself. Turn a 21 cent (5.25") floppy disk into a product worth up to $29.95, this amounts to over 14,000% profit and you earn your investment back on your first sale. A 3.5" floppy disk costing 51 cents or less will represent a profit of over 5,000% at the same retail price.


1. Use the information yourself. This will save or make you money from the start.

2. Resell the information. Copy and resell the disks or print out the book and sell as hard copy, the option is yours.

3. Take the purchase as a tax deductible business expense next year, in effect making your purchase price zero.

This package not only contains our COMPLETE LAW ENFORCEMENT REFERENCE MANUAL AND CAREER GUIDE on disk, we are including two shareware programs which should be a great help to any police officer or aspiring officer. Learn how computerized record keeping makes the cop's job easier.

1. Police Record System - A database designed for the law enforcement community. Was available separately as Matco disk #30014.

2. Crime Case - An arrest/citation record keeping database program that can be used by a law officer from any department or division. The program will keep track of many of the necessary bits of information connected with an arrest or a traffic stop. Was available separately as Matco disk #30015

This shareware alone normally distributes for $10.00 or more.

Remember, we do not own this software. We act as a copying and distribution service only. If you continue to find the software useful after a reasonable evaluation period, you are expected to register (pay for) the software, directly to the respective authors.

Virtual Book and Shareware Programs on 5.25" IBM disks, #5000D5 . . . $24.95

Virtual Book and Shareware programs on 3.5" IBM disks, #5000D3 . . . . $24.95

Laser Printed MASTER COPY with reprint rights, #5000MASTER . . . . . 19.95

Laser Printed PERSONAL COPY without reprint rights, #5000PERS . . . .$9.95


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