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#5002 - Private Investigator Training Manual


Business on a disk


This is a reprintable virtual book that can be used for self-improvement, sold as a self-help manual, or sold as a lesson-by-lesson correspondence course. The disk may also be copied and sold as-is.


This comprehensive private investigator training manual published by Matco Electronic Publications is yet another of our famous Biz-on-a-Disk, turn-key, all-inclusive, money-making opportunity for the computer owning entrepreneur.


Each of the 12 chapters is presented as a full length lesson, complete with an examination at the conclusion to determine level of competence.

LESSON 1 - The Detective
LESSON 2 - Evidence
LESSON 3 - Report Writing
LESSON 4 - Observation and Descriptions
LESSON 5 - Surveillance
LESSON 6 - Undercover Assignments
LESSON 7 - Missing Persons
LESSON 8 - Stolen Goods
LESSON 9 - Shoplifting
LESSON 10 - Personal Injury Claims
LESSON 11 - Informants
LESSON 12 - Your Own Detective Business


Not only can you personally use the information contained in this virtual book if you have ever had an interest in private investigation, you can profit from the purchase of this virtual book in other ways. We not only put all 12 chapters into a virtual, or disk based, book form, we also put each chapter into it's own ascii file. In this way you can use the information TO MAKE MONEY in several different ways

1. Resell the virtual book, on-disk, as-is, to others who wish to sell the information.

2. Print out each lesson and quiz and sell as a hard copy print-out.

3. Inport to a wordprocessor to edit, expand, add-to, etc.

4. Import to a desktop publishing program for fancy page layout and printing on a laser printer.

5. Sell lesson-by-lesson, in effect starting a correspondence school for private investigation.


You might consider starting such a correspondence school for private detective studies using this manual as a course of study. As with most correspondence schools, one lesson is sent to the student at a time, followed by the quiz or test for the lesson. When the student sends in his/her completed test and it is corrected, the next lesson is sent. Once the course is completed, a certificate of completion can be sent to the student.

As a note to the new entrepreneur who may be unsure about purchasing such a virtural book for resale to others, don't forget, a purchase like this is tax deductable, anyway, if your business is selling information to others as ours is (and yours will be once you start selling this virtual book). The purchase would be just another business expense. (See our tax-tips book, #6001)

Now you can use this unique virtual book to make money in two ways. Use the floppy disk and your PC to earn 5000% to 14,000% profits by reselling the virtual book itself. Turn a 21 cent (5.25") floppy disk into a product worth up to $29.95, this amounts to over 14,000% profit and you earn your investment back on your first sale. A 3.5" floppy disk costing 51 cents or less will represent a profit of over 5,000% at the same retail price.

Virtual Book and Shareware Programs on 5.25" IBM disks, #5002D5 . . . $24.95

Virtual Book and Shareware programs on 3.5" IBM disks, #5002D3 . . . . $24.95

Laser Printed MASTER COPY with reprint rights, #5002MASTER . . . . . 19.95

Laser Printed PERSONAL COPY without reprint rights, #5002PERS . . . .$9.95


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