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#8013 --- Orient Trade Sources Directory
with (or without) Reprint Rights


This unique directory contains names, addresses, products available, telephone numbers, and FAX numbers of Oriental factories in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. These oriental sources are not found in any of our other Directories. With this directory, you can find new sources for over 4,000 products at the lowest wholesale prices imaginable.

Perhaps you have seen directories like this for sale from other sources. There is a BIG difference, however. Our directories are printed ON DEMAND, as needed, from our own giant database. This means that our directory information is always UP-TO-DATE. Matco Electronic Publications is also the ONLY source of directories that sells their directories either WITH REPRINT RIGHTS or as a personal laser printed copy without reprint rights. With reprint rights, you are able to make your investment back by reselling only two directories. After the first two, the rest are high profit sales.

For the PC entrepreneur, this directory is also available as part of a complete floppy disk based business package consisting of the directory on floppy disk in a dBase III compatible .DBF file. along with two shareware programs to help access and use the database. This package is designed to put the PC owning entrepreneur into a business FAST.

There are several ways an entrepreneur can make money with this database. First, you can resell copies of the database disk to others making your investment back in one sale. Second, you can print out your own directories using the raw data in the database. Finally, you could import the database into a word processing or desktop publishing program for fancy formatting and printing on a laser printer in a nice book form like Matco Electronic Publications does. In effect, you would become our competitor. We don't mind though, there is a lot of business out there for all of us entrepreneurs.
Orient Trade Sources Database and Shareware Programs on 5.25" IBM disks, #8013D5 . . . $24.95

Orient Trade Sources Database and Shareware programs on 3.5" IBM disks, #8013D3 . . . . $24.95

Orient Trade Sources Directory, Laser Printed MASTER COPY with reprint rights, #8013MASTER . . . . . 19.95

Orient Trade Sources Directory, Laser Printed PERSONAL COPY without reprint rights, #8013PERS . . . .$9.95


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