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#8025 --- 16,500+ US High School Database


A unique, electronic, informational product from Matco Electronic Publications

This disk-based High School Database is an absolute must for any business doing business with the high schools in America. This giant database contains names and addresses of over 16,500 high schools in all 50 states as well as U. S. territories.

Use the database to print out a directory which can then be sold to others. Printed directories with this valuable information usually sell in the $20.00 to $30.00 range and you don't get the reprint rights as you do with our databases. You may copy the floppy disk as is and sell it, making back your investment on the first sale. As you can see, an electronic database such as this is much more flexible (and more valuable) for the entrepreneur than a printed directory.

You can think of a database as a computerized filing cabinet where you can keep track of all kinds of information; customer names and addresses, products in stock to sell, recipes, collections, and in the case of this database, High Schools, cities and states.

With a file cabinet, you open a drawer and look through any folder to view its contents. With a database, you can look at any folder (called records in a database) with the touch of a key or two.

Our computerized database is easier to use than a printed directory. With the touch of a couple of keys you can sort the database by state, state and city, or by zip code.

There are several more advantages to owning this database and the reprint rights:

1. Resell copies of the database disk to others, as is, making your money back on the first sale. After the first sale the rest is almost pure profit. You receive reprint and copying rights for the disk contents. Turn a 20c floppy disk into a product that sells for $30---That's 15,000% profit!

2. Print out a manual directly from the database (report program and macros included) and sell the hard copy for the $20 to $30 going rate. Still a respectable 2,000% to 3,000% profit, based on paper costs of $1.00 per manual.

3. Import the database into a word processing or desktop publishing program for fancy formating and printing on a laser printer in a nice book form. These could be sold for more than a plain print-out. In effect you become our competitor. We don't mind though, there is a lot of business out there for all of us entrepreneurs.

The database is supplied in a dBase III and PC-File compatible format, along with index files. This format can be used by such programs as dBase, PC-File, Pop DBF, Clipper, Wampum, etc.

MATCO #8025D3 Database on 3.5" IBM disks.  Because of the size of this database,
it is only available on HD, 1.44 Meg, 3.5" floppies.  #8025D3 . . . . . $29.95

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