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#8029 --- Elks Lodge Directory


This directory contains over 2800 addresses and phone numbers of Elks Lodges and facilities across America. With notes on any special features of the lodge such as camping facilities, etc. If you are one of the millions of Elks members and like to travel, this directory is for you.

Perhaps you have seen directories like this for sale from other sources. There is a BIG difference, however. Our directories are printed ON DEMAND, as needed, from our own giant database. This means that our directory information is always UP-TO-DATE.

Laser Printed Personal Copy, without reprint rights, #8029PERS . . . .  $19.95



Reselling Matco Publishing's Elks Lodge Directory could be a very profitable fund raiser for any Elks Lodge. Each directory is high quality laser printed and bound in a clear covered report binder.

Show your directory around the lodge and see what the response is to using the directory as a fund raiser. Your lodge can earn $10.00 or more on every copy of Matco Publishing's Elks Lodge Directory they sell. Wholesale prices are only $10.00 each when ordered in multiples of 10 direectories with shipping and handling of only $2.00 extra (total $5.00 S&H) for every 10 directories.

The usual retail price of the directory is $19.95 plus $3.00 S&H when sold mail order direct -- but several lodges are getting as much as $25.00 per copy over the bar because it IS a fund raiser for the lodge.

Elks Lodge Fund Raiser Package, #8029TENCOPIES . . . . $100.00


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